Buying used CNC machines is an economical decision that will save your company a ton of money, but before you do there are things that must be considered. In order to ensure that you receive the highest quality machines while also getting the bang for your buck, keeping the following things in mind will help you navigate your options and end up with a high quality machine that won’t break the bank.

“How much do I know about this machine tool company?”

How long have they been in business? Have they ever operated under a different name? The key here is to gather as much information as possible about the machine tool company you’re looking to buy from. When you purchase used machinery, knowing the company inside and out, past to present, will not only develop a level of trust, but it will give you the proper insight into how they care for the machines they sell or buy. You must feel like they offer good products, so be sure of it: ask for references. If they don’t provide the information you need in order to feel comfortable making a purchase, move on.

“How does this machine tool company treat their customers?”

Before you make any purchase, it’s important to know how you’ll be treated. Ask the companies you’re looking into about difficult situations they’ve dealt with in the past. Gauge their response. Ask for specifics: how does their process work, what sort of customer support do they provide, do they offer a guarantee for their products? Even successful companies run into the occasional problem. The key is to find a company that will ensure you peace of mind, even while their team deals with a complication. The focus must always be on you.

“How well does this company take care of the machines they sell?”

There is no excuse to having a machine that doesn’t work. Machine tool companies who sell used machinery should go the extra mile to figure out any issues that the machine could face over the course of its lifecycle, make every adjustment, and then test and retest the machine to be sure that it runs perfectly.

“Does this company offer lifecycle services for every machine they sell?”

From the first moments of your machine’s life, to maintenance and upkeep, to the moment you’re ready to sell, you deserve attentive technical support to make sure your machine is in tip-top shape. Be sure that before you commit your purchase to a machine tool company, you fully explore their technical support and other services. When you trust a company who knows the ins and outs of every machine that comes through the door, you will always get the results you’re looking for: from knowledge about machine capabilities, to a technical support team that will recondition your new machine before you purchase it, to knowledge of different parts and features of each machine, to all of the specs and attributes that make each machine unique.

“Where do the machines come from?”

When you talk to your sales representative, ask if the company stocks its machines or brokers them. This lets you know if you are talking to a middleman or the main company in charge. Do they keep a warehouse of all of their available machines? Do they need to charge you a higher quote because they’re a broker, and need to cover their commission from your purchase?

Why Trust ASI Machine Tool

Since founded in 1996, ASI Machine Tool has been more than just a used machinery dealer—we do our research to be sure our CNC Acquisition Team acquires the best machines available. We then bring those machines into our warehouse for our technical team to recondition them to their highest working capacity—to meet your standards and exceed your expectations.

We look for potential in the machines we buy and every member of our unbeatable team. Over the last 20 years, we have trained our incoming service department technicians on proper turnkey solutions, tooling, and programming, and keep our sales team in the know about the tricks of the trade to be sure you feel absolutely certain that the machines you buy from us are exactly what you need, in the best condition and at a price that can’t be beat. That’s how we’ve become the region’s largest stocking dealer of used CNC machines, and why we’re rapidly expanding to become one of the world’s premier used CNC parts suppliers.

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