ASI Machine Tool is a firm believer in what it means to recondition. From the first moments of your machine’s life, to maintenance and upkeep, to the moment you’re ready to sell, we are here to provide the technical support you need to make sure your machine is in tip-top shape.

There is no excuse to having a machine that doesn’t work. We go the extra mile to figure out any issues that the machine could face over the course of its lifecycle, make every adjustment, and then test and retest the machine to be sure that it runs perfectly.

Buying a Machine

Our sales representatives have years of experience with CNC Machine Tools. They know the ins and outs of every brand, make and model you might be interested in. Just one call to ASI will help you gain clear options, helpful insights, and the support you need for your business.

Install, Set Up and Maintenance

At ASI, we’re about working smart. Our professionals will help you install and set up any machine you need, and assist with maintenance to ensure that your machine is running smoothly—all day, every day.

Tooling and Parts

We have a wide selection of tooling and parts in house. Whether you’re looking for parts or tools to purchase, or need some assistance setting up and getting your machine ready to run, ASI is your one-stop shop for the entire lifecycle of your machine.

Recondition and Lengthen the Life of Every Machine

We take the time and care to inventory every aspect of the machines we acquire, and set our trained technicians on the job to get every machine up and running as it should: effectively and efficiently.

Selling a Machine

Your business depends on having the best equipment. Do you have a machine that you no longer need, or want to replace it with a newer model? We will buy your machine straight from your shop, and get you the latest model.

Support Whenever You Need

We don’t believe in selling sub-par machines that work “alright,” we want the best for our customers every step of the way. Contact us at ASI Machine Tool to be sure that:

  • You find the right machines.
  • You get the best tools and parts.
  • You always receive the support you need.