CNC machine maintenance probably seems like a fairly mundane task and we would probably agree for the most part. However, not performing proper maintenance on your machines could cost you thousands of dollars and dozens of man hours to get it back up and running. If you’ve ever had the misfortune of dealing with a CNC machine that breaks down you know the feeling. The best way to avoid the headaches that come with a misbehaving machine is to make sure and implement routine preventative maintenance plans for all of your machines. As a reputable supplier of used CNC machines, here are some things to check on a daily basis.

Fluids and lubrication are key

Any thorough CNC machine maintenance plan includes a fluid check. Like cars, or anything with a motor for that matter, fluids are its lifeblood. This is even more prevalent with machine tools as they typically work harder than most vehicles do. On a daily basis you should be checking the levels on the machine’s fluids. A big advantage of checking your machine’s fluid level daily is it will give you a pretty good idea about each machine’s baseline on how quickly its fluids should be replenished. If you start to notice that the machine is losing fluids much more quickly than normal it’s time to get that machine checked. There may be some serious problems with the machine that are causing it to triage fluids. Do make sure to check the manufacturer’s recommendations of fluids and grease as using the wrong types could potentially cause serious issues.

Keep it clean

Give each machine a good wipe down daily. Cleaning the machine daily helps keep the smaller metal shavings produced by the machine from building up in unwanted areas that could potentially put it out of commission. This also gives you the opportunity to do a quick visual check for worn parts. Worn wipers for example could cause serious injury to a CNC machine that would keep it out for days or weeks. Also make sure metals aren’t getting into the machine’s lubrication system. A clean machine also maintains it value which means when the time comes you will still be able to sell it.

Replace vital CNC machine parts ASAP

There are a lot of moving parts in CNC machines and replacing the vital parts quickly help keep a machine in working order. Make sure you have replacement parts on hand before you even need them. Keeping vital part on hand that often need replacing will help keep the machine’s downtime minimal. It also keep shipping expenses low if you order typically replaced parts all at once. Things like way wipers and belts are a couple of things you should probably keep on hand just in case.

Worry Free CNC Machine Purchasing From ASI

At ASI, we’re all about working smart. Our experienced group pros help you install and set up any machine that you need, and we assist with the maintenance to ensure that your machine is running smoothly. We always take the time and care to inventory every aspect of all of the machines we acquire. We then get our trained technicians on the job to get every machine up and running as it should: effectively and efficiently. As your supplier you can rest assured our employees have thoroughly checked over each and every machine we have on our floor. Our commitment to quality assurance is second to none which means when you decide to purchase one of our used CNC machines you can rest easy know it is up to our standard.

If you have any questions or concerns about the maintenance of a machine you can always contact us here.