CNC machines amplify the productivity—and profitability—of business. Because they streamline the necessary processes to get manufacturing projects done quickly, investing in CNC machines is ideal for any manufacturing company.

In order to ensure the best outcome, some companies will form committees to tackle the purchase of the machine—especially when multiple departments are involved in and will be responsible for the daily operation and maintenance of the machine.

But the question is: do you buy a new or used CNC machine?

  • How can I know that I’m buying a machine that will last?
  • How do I know that the machine seller is reputable?

Are newer machines really the best option out there? No. Used CNC Machines can improve your production line just as well as any new machine, it all depends on where you buy the machine and who sells it to you. Below are three advantages for buying a used CNC machine, as told by the experts as ASI Machine Tool.

1. Machine Cost

CNC machines are a big investment for companies, so it’s imperative to identify what the machine needs to do, how big your warehouse space is, and what sorts of tooling will be required for the creation of your products.

Buying a used machine will grant you the same level of functionality and capabilities as a new machine, but will be more budget-friendly for your purchasing department.

However, while it is a great benefit to buy a used CNC machine based on the price tag alone, you need to stay aware of companies who will try to push old, used machines that have not been reconditioned and are in complete disrepair (but look perfectly fine at a glance).

CNC machines need to last years. No “bargain” is worth your recently purchased CNC machine functioning for only six months before breaking down completely. Because of this, you must make sure that you’re buying your machine from a trustworthy CNC machine dealer. A dealer who will work with you to sell you a well-functioning, well maintained used CNC machine well within your budget.

2. Machine Quality

New machine models are great. They provide opportunities to take the machine’s capabilities to the next level. But one advantage that used CNC machines will always have over new machines is quality of function: older models, when reconditioned to top working order, are a better choice for buyers because there has been plenty of time to identify significant problems, drawbacks, or advantages between the specific makes and models. Especially when you partner with a qualified and experienced CNC machine seller, you are guaranteed to buy machines that will work to their highest capacity even if they have a few years under the belt.

Key items you’ll want to discuss with your seller:

  • Does the CNC machine you’re looking at have the ability to maintain your specific production timelines?
  • Does the CNC machine you’re looking at have the capabilities to handle the workpieces you need to manufacture?
  • How many hours have been logged on the CNC machine you’re looking at?
  • What is the maintenance history on the machine in question

3. Machine Maintenance

This advantage cannot be stressed enough. The reason why some used CNC machines are worth more than new machines is when you find a used CNC seller who knows the way to recondition a CNC machine. There’s a big difference between selling a repaired machine and one that’s been reconditioned or retooled: quality. Quality of function. Longer running time. Faster RPM maximums. CNC machines that run like new, but they’re repurposed, they’re reconditioned to run for more years and keep producing for your production department.

When you find a CNC dealer who can take an older model and bring it up to today’s standards, those are the dealers worth keeping in your contacts. Because not only will they be able to find you a machine that will work beautifully, but they’ll also be able to provide better service to your existing machines.

You are not buying someone else’s problems. You’re buying a machine that’s your own, and gaining a team that will support you. Make sure you’re purchasing a machine you can trust, from a dealer you can trust.

Don’t force your maintenance department to live with a poor machine selection. Get a used machine from the best CNC dealer.

Why You Should Buy a Reconditioned or Used CNC Machine from ASI Machine Tools

At ASI, quality is our policy and service is our life. From reconditioning older CNC machines to condition them according to today’s standards to supporting our customer through the buying process to talking through specifications and machine parts, we have a team of highly qualified experts in CNC machine acquisition, maintenance and sales.

Since founded in 1996, ASI Machine Tool has been more than just a used machinery dealer. We do our research. We look for potential in the machines we buy, and take the time to recondition every machine in our inventory to meet your standards and exceed your expectations.

Contact us today or look through our used CNC machines and request a quote. Our team is happy to answer any question and go through all of your options.