Featured: NEW Mazak Integrex e-500H

The INTEGREX is the most widely used multi-tasking machine tool in the world.

A wide range of specifications is available to meet a variety of process integration

requirements. Not only the E series for large workpiece machining but also the

E-RAMTEC series are equipped with a ram spindle for deep ID turning/machining,

and the j-series are designed to provide you the maximum value as well.

ASI Machine Tool is a company with 90 years of CNC machine tool experience.

We specialize in finding and buying these slightly used workhorses that are in great

shape and deliver them to our customers in great working condition at huge savings.

ASI Machine Tool sells brand new Cincinnati CNC machines and many times we take in used machines in trade and our customers also like to presell their machines when they know that they will be buying new machines to get top dollar for their used machines.

Typically, the super large companies buy these Mazak CNC machines brand new and use them until the wheels fall off, but occasionally these same companies lose a contract, downsize or simply decide they need to spend money to replace machines that are just a few years old.

We are not here to judge but we are always looking for these types of deals and we

physically inspect them before we buy them and we typically set them up in our showroom

and put them under power for inspections.


You can come and run the machine and determine for yourself, first hand, the condition of each of the machines that we sell.

Big machines or little machines we are only looking for machines in great condition.

Mazak Integrex CNC Lathes